Lithuanian women indoor hockey

Hockey in Lithuania is organized for more than 32 years and as many years is for the indoor hockey. Yet in late autumn 1977 in Šiauliai at the 11th secondary school gym was held first national women’s indoor competitions in the presence of 4 teams. Spirit of this competition was the first hockey coach and doctor Feliksas Paškevičius.

This was the beginning of the road… Indoor hockey is very popular in Lithuania because our country’s climate doesn’t allow enjoying the summer hockey stadiums year-round. Already in October hockey players begin training in the halls. Thus 5-6 months trainings and competitions are held in the halls. LHF has developed indoor tournaments system, which is similar to summer competition system. We are organizing 4 different competitions at the children and youth level, LHF Cup tournament, indoor championships ‘A’ and ‘B’ division and we especially proud in “Žalgiris” SD Open championship, which has already become traditional.

Main achievements on the international level, by the way, were achieved at the indoor championships.

In 2002 Lithuanian national women’s team in the European Championship in France only in final competitions tripped against legendary German team and returned home with silver medals.

In 2008 Lithuania women’s national team in European Championship “B” division in the Czech Republic won 2nd place and in 2010 will compete in the “elite eight”.

Lithuanian women’s national team debut in the 1st World Championship in 2003. Among 12 planet’s strongest teams earned 6th glorious place and the right to represent country in the World Sport Games in Duisburg in 2005. 

Country girls’ U-21 national team achievements in the European championships are truly impressive. Already ten years from 1999 to 2007 Lithuanian youth teams won 5 sets of medals: 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze!

These achievements aren’t downgraded and by the fact that the German and the Dutch teams weren’t participating in the youth championships. Indoor hockey is becoming increasingly popular, it shows and the fact that after 8-year break the warm countries representative Spain again wished to compete in the hall.

In 2009 European hockey federation entrusted to host indoor championship in Lithuania, in multifunctional complex “Siauliai arena”, where in 2011 will be competing best European basketball teams. 

LHF made an application yet in 2005, when the country’s economy has been increasing and Lithuania was called the Baltic Tiger. 

Today it is very serious and responsible challenge for the federation, its small team to hold very important competitions.

The economic crisis, the new government’s negative attitude to the elite sports, sports authorities’ perfunctory to small sports. 

What’s next?